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The working principle and structure of the car decoder

 The working principle and structure of the car decoder

Car code Remote Control Decoder

There have been users who want to know how the car key decoder is decoded. And what exactly is it working? The structure of the decoder is how, today, the car lock treasure for everyone to explain in detail the working principle and structure of the car key decoder, this article is a technical article, you may not understand, probably know about it!

Quite a lot of car owners say that the car key decoder is a universal treasure chest. As long as the car remote control signal password is received, the remote controller can be automatically programmed to generate a complete remote control signal password, which is equivalent to copying the decoder used by the original remote control radio receiver and the notebook computer. When the owner uses the remote control to open or close the door lock, the car thief uses the radio receiver to intercept the electronic signal sent by the remote control, input the electronic signal into the notebook computer, analyze and decode the electronic signal by a specific computer software, and then The decoded electronic signal is copied. At the same time, the car thief remembers the license plate and secretly follows the owner of the car. After grasping the rules of the owner parking the vehicle, he waits for the electronic signal to be used to open the door lock and steal the car. Because this method is more complicated, the car thief who uses this method specifically chooses high-end cars to start. As a vehicle repairing tool, the car decoder has no special regulations for the country. Relevant people have suggested that the relevant departments should strengthen the management of the purchase and sale of automobile decoders to prevent this advanced automobile repair tool from being used by criminals. For example, in the sales channel, the purchaser is required to present the certificate and register the purchaser. Banning underground transactions, etc.

To understand the real working principle of the car decoder, you need to first explain the structure of the car key. In the past, the car key was just a piece of steel with a special tooth mark. As long as the tooth mark fits the special groove of the key hole, the car can be ignited. The current car key is embedded in an electronic chip in the plastic part of the tail. When the key is inserted into the ignition slot of the car, the transponder of the anti-theft system is activated. The two exchange signals through the low frequency code, and the electronic chip must answer the password requested by the anti-theft system, and the vehicle can be successfully started. The decoder can replace the electronic chip of the car key, and "answer" the password of the "inquiry" of the car anti-theft system. Then, how is the start-up code of the vehicle anti-theft system cracked by the decoder? Mr. Pang, the technical director of a 4s shop, explained the reporter with the old Santana car as an example. "This kind of car is a car and a yard. Each car starts with a different code. The thief does not need to know the code content. Just connect the car decoder to the anti-theft system and follow the coded digits and the general rule. Try it and try out the code in a short time. The new startup code is not fixed, can it still be cracked?

With the continuous upgrading of car anti-theft technology, there are fewer and fewer cars using “fixed code”. Some new cars will generate a response process between the key chip and the anti-theft system after each use of the password, forming and storing a new anti-theft code. If the decoder wants to crack, the difficulty is much greater. There are also some high-end cars that simply eliminate the structure of the metal car key inserted into the ignition slot. The electronic chip of the car key is unlocked. The driver only needs to carry the car key with him, press the start button of the vehicle, and then the vehicle's anti-theft system can search. The presence of the car key chip begins to answer the unlocking process.

Now all cars come in accordance with the "microcomputer", this part is called "ECU". The decoder can communicate with the car computer to exchange various information, obtain important parameters of the computer work, and obtain the driving data record, key setting and basic setting. Some highly targeted decoders can even diagnose problems in the vehicle like a doctor and assist the repairer to clear the fault.

As the car modification enthusiast Hua Xiaotong said, the vehicle anti-theft chip usually uses RFID code to interact with the anti-theft device. The disadvantage of this code is that only 40-bit encryption is used. 40-bit encryption took dozens of days to crack, but now it only takes a few hours. Today's 256-bit encryption is considered a fairly complex and secure encryption algorithm and is now almost unbreakable. But perhaps in the near future, with the advancement of computer technology, the time for cracking will be greatly shortened.

At present, all crack coding technologies rely mainly on computer technology, and the computer field has a well-known "Moore's Law" - the number of transistors that can be accommodated on an integrated circuit is doubled every 18 months, and the performance will be doubled. . This law reveals the speed of advances in information technology. The advancement of computer technology is impossible, and it may take a few years for the unbreakable encryption code to become vulnerable.

Car lock treasure professional with car keys believe that theft technology and anti-theft technology can not have the final winner, because the two sides are like viruses and antibiotics, but the faster progress of the party can achieve a brief smooth, but with the laws and regulations The more perfect and high-tech regulatory equipment, the owners will not be too worried about their car being stolen, the car decoder is an indispensable instrument in the process of car key, share it here today, want to know more For car keys and car lock articles, stay tuned for the 123FBI blog and official website!

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