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Radio remote control remote signal decoding device transmitter receiver

Decoding Devices 

The new decoding device relates to a radio remote control switch. 
To solve the problems of production debugging and anti-interference, most of the components of the utility model adopt an integrated block, including a transmitter and a receiver, and the transmitter circuit is composed of a data circuit and an encoding circuit. 
The modulation oscillation transmission circuit and the power supply circuit are connected, and the receiver circuit is formed by a receiving oscillation circuit, a shaping amplification circuit, a decoding circuit, a manual switching circuit, a D flip-flop circuit, a driving circuit, a control circuit, and a power supply circuit.
This brand new auto-pair-copy remote can learn codes of fix-code remotes. fixed frequency pair copy remote control is compatible at the moment with internal codes of after-sale remotes of up to 256 bit including: 2262 ,2260,5026,5326,5326-3,5326-4, FP527,PT2240,EV1527, HT6010,HT6014,HT12E,HT640,HT680,PLC158,PLC008, SMC918,SMC926,PT2292,12L-4SC,HT6026,UM3750AM..etc.

4 in 1 Remote Control Decoder 315MHZ 330MHZ 430MHZ 433MHZ Fixed Frequency 

This wireless Remote control Detector & Duplicator is only for testing and study, Otherwise accept the consequences by yourself if violate the state laws in your country. just sell to Car repair service shop, Garage, workshop, it is also the Car locksmith tool.

Various kinds of remote control (Car remote control, garage door. Home alarm series remote control etc ) Decoded within 0.1 seconds. Through A, B, C, D key to control like the original remote control.

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