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Understanding of car decoding devices

decoding devices
With the rapid development of automotive technology, decoding devices have become an indispensable tool for our car repair and diagnosis. Common functions: fault diagnosis, fault code clearing, reading dynamic data stream, remote control test and code capture coding.
First, the diagnostic instrument can be divided into: general purpose, special.
1. General: such as Yuanzheng X431, Bosch KTS series and Jinde KT670, engine comprehensive performance analyzer.
Features: Can do different models; relatively low price; simple function: mainly read fault codes, data streams.
2, special: such as GM TECH-2, Ford Super Star-II, BMW MODIC, Volkswagen VAG1552, Nissan Corporation Consult and so on.
Dedicated decoding devices Features: Dedicated (can only be used as a car produced by the company); very high price; powerful: provide various communication diagnostic functions.

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