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How to make the surveillance camera malfunction

A variety of methods to achieve:
1. When the power is turned off, the camera can work normally through power. After the power is turned off, it will not work.
2, physical destruction, this needless to say.
3, laser blinding, using cluster laser or high-energy laser irradiation, can make the camera blind or even blind for a short time, for example, the United States has accused us of using lasers to illuminate their spy satellites, causing short-term blindness.
4. Broken network, some cameras transmit signals remotely through the network. After disconnecting the network, their signals cannot be transmitted normally.
5. Use the signal jammer to interfere with the video signal for the wireless camera.
5. If there is only one way to deal with the traffic surveillance camera on the road, it is legal and feasible, that is, the law-abiding driving, its camera will not have any impact on you, it is equivalent to failure.

signal jammer

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