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How to check the eavesdropping device in your room

1. Pay attention to the phone during a phone conversation. Pay attention to sound changes, mute, intermittent sounds or other unfamiliar sounds. Amateur eavesdropping devices often cause such interference.
2. Listen to the phone when you are not on the phone, pay attention to the sound from your own phone. If you hear the above noise, it means that the phone may have been installed with a bug. Some bugs use an amplifier to eavesdrop on someone within a certain range.
3. Check the lock. If they suddenly become loose or have been inserted, they may have been manipulated recently.
4. Pay attention to things in your home or office. New things with bugs are often placed where the victim is unaware. Common new things are radios, alarm clocks, printheads, photo frames and light bulbs. You should also be aware of gifts that may contain eavesdropping devices. Common eavesdropping gifts are power adapters, pagers, pens, water dispensers, calculators, briefcases and CD players. Pay attention to any interference with the car, home or office radio or television signals. The eavesdropping device releases signals that interfere with the radio and the television.
5. Observe things that are slightly misplaced. Includes smoke detectors, power outlets, vents, furniture and electrical wiring boards. Scan the ceiling and floor of a home or office. Small discoloration on the ceiling or bulging of the floor is often the place to install a small camera. Fragments near the wall or on the floor, broken tiles or drooping ceilings are signs of just moving, potentially hiding the camera.
6. Review the calendar. Look at the maintenance staff who have not been on the rules in recent months. They may have the opportunity to install eavesdropping devices.
7. Pay attention to maintenance workers and motor vehicles. If you see a repair car or a worker more than three times, it may indicate that you are being monitored.
8. Purchase a small bug detector. Some of them can be in your pocket and alert you by vibration.
Extended information:
Anti-eavesdropping devices can be directly understood from the literal meaning as devices that prevent eavesdropping. In order to implement eavesdropping, it must be done through certain devices. The main function of the anti-eavesdropping device is to make these eavesdropping devices not work properly, or to interfere or dismantle them, so as to achieve the purpose of destroying the eavesdropping of the other party and protecting their privacy.
Some common devices have anti-eavesdropping services. In real life, some people use professional equipment such as monitors or voice recorders to record your voice or remotely tap your voice in order to achieve certain goals. If you want these people to waste time, you must protect yourself against anti-eavesdrop devices, which are called anti-theft devices.

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