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How to easily unlock the car lock "grabber de código pandora 2018"

grabber de código pandora 2018

How did Sun easily steal the belongings of the car through this small "grabber de código pandora 2018"? It is understood that the "car remote control system" is mainly composed of remote wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, anti-theft host and various sensors. When the host receives the remote control signal, it decodes the content and controls it through the host. The system operates on the vehicle. The reason why the host and the remote control can communicate is that their frequency is the same. Since the radio's frequency resources are limited and strictly controlled by the state, the frequency allocated to the "vehicle remote control and anti-theft system" is fixed between 31 4 and 315 MHz and between 433 and 434 MHz. The European frequency is 868 MHz. The function of the decoder is to intercept the electronic signal of this frequency band, perform storage analysis and decoding, and further convert it into an inverted signal for output, which is equivalent to copying the car key in the victim's hand in a short time.
Holding the "grabber de código pandora 2018", press the signal button, in the state of receiving signal, and then operate the car remote control key, then the "decoder" receives the signal. At this time, the "decoder" can be used to control the door lock of the car at will, which is very simple.
In this regard, the police reminded that when parking, you should pay attention to the surrounding environment, whether there are suspicious persons nearby, it is best to use mechanical keys to lock the door, in addition, do not put valuables in the car.

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