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The difference between decoding devices and pandora2018

                                                                             Decoding devices
from China can be used for anti-theft devices: PT2262 / 2260 / AX5326 / VD502 / PT2282 / eV1527 / PT2240 / RT1527 / FP527 / SMC926 / SMC918 part HCS301
Powerful receiving frequency: remote control can be received remotely 315MHz 330MHz 430MHz 433MHz
Application range:
(1) Car door remote control
(2) door opener remote control
(3) Remote garage rolling mill
(4) Motorcycle remote control
(5) Remote control tram
(8) Remote Poker
(9) Remote control mahjong machine
(10) Human body induction alarm system
Suppression function: can shield 315MHz 433MHz at the same time
The pandora2018 is only for some European cars and Japanese cars. It is still a blank for special applications, and it uses AAA batteries. The decoding devices use a smart built-in lithium battery for long battery life and short charging time.

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