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Car Code Grabber breaks down the true principles of car anti-theft systems

To understand how Car Code Grabber really works, you need to first explain the structure of the car key. In the past, the car key was just a piece of steel with a special tooth mark. As long as the tooth mark fits into the special groove of the key hole, the car can be started smoothly. The car key now has an electronic chip embedded in the plastic part at the rear. When the key is inserted into the car's ignition slot, the transponder of the anti-theft system is activated. The two exchange signals through low-frequency coding. The electronic chip must answer the password requested by the anti-theft system before the vehicle can start successfully. So, how is the boot code of the vehicle anti-theft system cracked by the decoder? Mr. Pang, the technical director of a 4s shop, explained to reporters the old Santana sedan as an example. "This car is one car and one code, and each car has a different start code. You don't need to know the content of the code. Just connect the car decoder to the anti-theft system, and try again and again according to the number of bits and the approximate rule You can try out this code in a short time. The new startup code is not fixed, can it be cracked?
With the continuous upgrade of car anti-theft technology, fewer and fewer cars use "fixed code". Every new car will generate a response process between the key chip and the anti-theft system each time the password is used, forming and storing a new anti-theft code. If the decoder wants to crack, it will be more difficult. There are also some high-end cars that simply eliminated the structure of the metal car key inserted into the ignition slot, which is completely unlocked by the electronic chip of the car key. The driver only needs to bring the car key with him, press the start button of the car, and the vehicle's anti-theft system can search To the existence of the car key chip, start the process of answering the unlock.
Now all cars come to the door according to "microcomputer", this part is called "ECU". The decoder can communicate with the car computer to exchange various information, obtain important parameters of the computer work, and thus obtain driving data records, key distribution, and basic settings. Some targeted decoders can even diagnose doctors' problems in some places like doctors, and assist car repair workers to clear faults.
Just as car modification enthusiast Hua Xiaodi said, vehicle anti-theft chips usually use RFID codes to interact with the anti-theft devices. The disadvantage of this code is that only 40-bit encryption is used. 40-bit encryption used to take dozens of days to crack, but now it only takes a few hours. Today's 256-bit encryption is considered a fairly complex and secure encryption algorithm and is now almost unbreakable. But maybe in the near future, with the advancement of computer technology, the cracking time will be greatly shortened.
At present, all cracking coding technologies mainly rely on computer technology, and the computer field has a famous "Moore's Law"-the number of transistors that can be accommodated on integrated circuits, which will double every 18 months, and the performance will also double. . This law reveals the speed of information technology progress. With the advancement of computer technology, it is impossible to turn the impossible into possible. Maybe in a few years, the unbreakable encryption code will become vulnerable.

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