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rolling code auto door opener remote control detector scanner decoding device + A315 self clone remote control key

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Adjustable Frequency Remote Control Receiver and Replicator For Car repair service, Garage, workshop.
2 - in -1 433Mhz / 315Mhz  Remote Control Code Scanner Detector key copier
Adjustable frequency Car key remote control Wireless Remote Key Code Scanner Detect, receive, copy car remote control signals, then command the car as freely as the car’s owner
Adjustable frequency Remote Control Code Scanner receives the signal sent by the Rolling Code anti-theft system, save and copy the master’s remote control signal The effective distance is 500 metres Save thirty remote control signals Decodability chip: PLC fake rolling code(5326), EV1527, PT2262, HT12E, HT6014
1. Instruction for each buttons and switches:
(1 2 3 4 )transmit button: 4 keys usually the same as the general remote code key button
( 5 ) select code button: function keys: pressing a back one set of code, long-press more than two seconds to pop up a menu withk (6 keys) to select the function of the mouse, point functions transferred to the menu, press (5 key) to enter.
( 6 ) renewal format button: press once again becomes automatic - red - Lan1 - cycle variations between Portland 2. Transferred automatically when the rolling code transmitter, then press and hold the (1 2 3 4 ) issued a code key in any key, press once to laun-ch a rolling code format, continuous operation 16 times (please observe the display changes when the display the words in the rolling code the latter figure a gradually increasing to 16 from indicating that it has completed 16 operations), in which 16 operations to be tested if the remote host reaction, indicating that the rolling code has been supported by the product, if there is no response Description This machine does not support rolling code Tips: now available in the so-called rolling code can test all products are unscientific does not exist, please pay attention to identify fake information.
Try (blue light) when transmitting fixed code, if no response try again (red) or (blue 1), which has a total of three formats can be tested.
Three switch:
The first button is turned off
The second tranche is wide and modern special test for the long-range wide receiver and transmitter and modern remote control codes.
The third button for all rolling code and fixed code remote control and extensive testing of the modern shared, you can access
The machine supports closing rolling code and fixed code and wide of the modern remote control, but the wide receiver and modern remote control distance is not ideal.
2: remote control test
Universal remote control test: the third gear switch is in third gear, the machine can receive and transmit support roll
Move code and fixed code remote control coding details, please refer to (6) renewal code format button
The wide and modern remote control test: the third gear switch is in second gear, received wide of the post-modern remote control can directly open
3: password function
This function is a local initiative in its class, is a major feature of this product for the owner restricts all unauthorized use. When the machine is factory set to require a password before they can open access, the initial password is 123654.
Turn off the password function: in the boot state, press (5 key) and hold until the display appears a function menu
    Single re-release (5 keys), press (5 key) 2 seconds after the release, display the password off.
Open the password function: in the boot state, press (5 key) and hold until the display shows a functional food
     Single re-release (5 keys), press (5 key) 2 seconds after the release, showing Please enter a password
Please enter the six-digit password, if you enter the correct password will display the password to open. Note: secret Code will not open the password function is lost, please take good care of your password.
Change Password: in the boot state, press (5 key) and hold until the display a function menu appears again
     Release (5 key), "press and hold (5 key) 2 seconds after the release, showing off the password in the password needed to open this state," and then press and hold the (key) two seconds after release, showing Please enter a password Please enter the six-digit password, if you enter the correct password will display the password to open, then press and hold (6 keys) 2 seconds after the release, once again prompted to enter a new six-digit password, when prompted to enter a new 6
     Digit password, enter the password has been changed again prompt, change passwords success. Then press any key to return.
4: storage code
User access storage code is important, it will not be stored for long periods wash, first select this group of useful code, then long press over (5 key) 2 seconds, the menu will pop up, press (6 keys) so that the mouse pointer (deposit access code), press (5 key) to confirm, then the machine will ask you to enter a password, please enter a valid password for this machine, and then enter the access code status, then you can choose the location you want to access, press (5 key ) confirmed that the press (6 keys) to select or remove memory, press (5 key) to confirm complete access. Press any key to return to the receiving state 1234.
Tip: Please plug in an external ear wire (antenna) when receiving a signal, in order to achieve the best distance!
Support models:
for Honda: Accord (06) Fit (06) Odyssey (06) for Toyota: Vios (06) Corolla (06) Modern: Elantra () 6) for Nissan Bluebird (06) for Mazda 323 (06) for Kia (06) BYD (08) for Buick Excelle (08) Iron, and all rolling code and all fixed code

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